work in progress!!!!

welcome to my humble space on the internet :)

i use this website mostly to talk about music, things i like, and also just blogging. this is in a constantly wip, so you will see changes often.


08/21/21 made changes on music, about and blog page. also added a photography page into blog page

08/20/21 changed banner, font, and made changes into about and main page

07/28/21 changed banner, improved about, music and blog page, added website button, added art page, and more :)

07/19/21 made some changes out there, new blog entry

07/17/21 new blog entry

07/15/21 new blog entry

07/12/21 new blog entry

07/09/21 finished about me page, music page (except the cd collection page) and blog page. new blog and music blog entry

07/06/21 REDOING THE ENTIRE SITE AGAIN BC YES. added main page and about me (and favorites) page.

06/28/21 added frank iero's shrine, changed not found page, added cd collection page into the music page

06/27/21 new blog entry :)

06/26/21 added "music i like" page, changed and added things in the about page, added first blog entry, added a guestbook, shrines page, and a kind of easter egg somewhere...

06/25/21 i literally started the website

now playing: holiday - the get up kids


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